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What is Scripture Yoga?

Scripture Yoga is a form of Christian yoga with Biblical scripture verses recited during the stretches and postures. The scriptures are based on themes like Peace, Angels and Prayer. The purpose of the Scripture Yoga ministry is to exercise the mind and body while meditating on God's Holy Word having these words enter your heart and transform it. "God's gracious word can make you into what He wants you to be and give you everything you could possible need." Acts 20:32.

The purpose of Scripture Yoga is to deepen your walk with the Lord. While you are showered with God's Words, your heart absorbs them and you are able to apply them to your life. The Scripture Yoga class is 75 minutes dedicated completely to worshipping God, exercising your body, listening to His word, talking to Him and being still and quiet in order to hear God's quiet voice. This deeply moving experience allows you to honor and glorify God in an extremely personal way.

Christian yoga allows you to practice yoga in a Christian environment. If a secular yoga class is not completely separated from its eastern religion and philosophy, then you may be exposed unintentionally to a non-Christian environment. Therefore, Scripture Yoga provides a Christ-centered alternative to secular yoga. Most importantly, Scripture Yoga provides an opportunity for participants to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior by hearing and responding to God's Word.
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Scripture Yoga Testimony

In 1998 I first thought of teaching Christian yoga, but I was not sure how to conduct a yoga class in a Christian format. At that time I was teaching a yoga class at a local health club and I decided to wait for God to show me his plans for this in my life.

Five years later, in 2003 I began memorizing scripture verses. After about 6 months I had a revelation: I was not waiting for God to teach me how to do Christian yoga - God was waiting on me. How could the class be Christian yoga if it wasn't focused on God's Word? Two months later I was asked if I would teach an exercise class at my church and in June 2004 I began teaching Christian yoga. A dream had finally come true.

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At that time I knew about 35 scripture verses and I would randomly recite them during the Christian yoga class. The Holy Spirit guided me to the scripture verse to recited during each class. One year later (June 2005) I had memorized more than 100 scripture verses and God wanted me to continue learning more. During my Emmaus Walk (spiritual retreat), in September 2005, God instructed me to categorize my scripture cards based on themes and to use the theme-based scriptures during the classes. I pray before each class and God leads me to the theme-based scriptures to use. This is how the theme-based Scripture Yoga class evolved. During my Emmaus Walk God also instructed me to expand the Christian yoga ministry by developing a Christian yoga video. In 2006, I was inspired to change the name of the ministry from Christian yoga to Scripture Yoga because it is one type of Christian yoga where scripture verses are recited during the class.

During my Emmaus Walk, the Christian yoga ministry was founded on the scripture: "If you love me, feed my sheep" taken from John 21:17. I love Jesus Christ and He wants His sheep to feed on the bread of life, the Word of God. His sheep are fed during the Scripture Yoga classes by hearing and receiving His Word. In this way the Word of God is stored your heart.

A student told me that during a medical procedure she quoted scripture verses she learned from class to help calm her down during the procedure. The nurse even noticed the difference in her behavior before and after she quoted the scripture.

Another student, after her first class, said she felt extremely relaxed and yet energized but at the same time connected to God and completely full of HIM. It was an awesome experience.


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